OMNET®: The Best Medical Care for Work-Related Injuries

OMNET® is LWCC’s statewide occupational medicine network of more than 2,000 healthcare providers. When employees use OMNET®, they get the best care possible for a faster recovery and return to work, and you get lower claims costs. Here’s what you can expect when you choose OMNET®.

Choosing a Provider

Before an injury occurs, identify and establish a relationship with an OMNET® occupational health provider near your business. To find an OMNET® provider, search our online directory, call our OMNET® hotline at 800-85-OMNET, or contact your client relations representative to request the latest copy of the provider directory.

Search OMNET® Directory

Specialized Providers

LWCC has selected providers across the state, even in rural areas, based on their expertise in occupational medicine, professional credentials, use of established treatment guidelines, and effective return-to-work practices.

More Medical Services

OMNET® has a complete network of healthcare providers and services including hospitals, clinics, specialists, pharmacies, physical therapists, chiropractors, diagnostic testing facilities, durable medical equipment vendors, rehabilitation resources, and home healthcare providers.

72-Hour Appointment Guarantee

With OMNET®, injured employees are guaranteed appointments with specialists within 72 hours.

Free Worksite Promotion and Training

LWCC helps you encourage network usage by providing free employee education materials. We’ll even come to your work site to train employees on what to do when they are injured on the job.

What OMNET® Can Do For You

Lower Claims Costs

OMNET® reduces both medical and lost-time claims costs, which directly impact your experience modifier (E-mod) and premium.

Fewer Lost Work Days

Faster care leads to a quicker recovery and return to work. This means higher productivity and lower costs for you.

Lower Litigation Rate

With timely, appropriate care and a quicker return to work, OMNET® keeps injured employees satisfied with ther course of treatment. That’s why claims in OMNET® involve less litigation.