Stephen W. Cavanaugh Scholarship Fund

About the Scholarship Fund

The Stephen W. Cavanaugh Scholarship Fund was established in January of 2007 by LWCC through the Baton Rouge Area Foundation to honor the memory of Stephen W. Cavanaugh, LWCC’s first president and chief executive officer. He was an extraordinary leader who made lasting contributions to the insurance industry in Louisiana.


The applicant must be studying an insurance-related field as a full-time student at an accredited university, college or community college in Louisiana.


The fund awards a four-year scholarship, paying $1,000 per semester for eight consecutive semesters, for a total value of $8,000.

Required Documents

  • Application
  • Academic transcript from previous semester
  • ACT/SAT score report
  • Academic resume
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Essay of 250–500 words that explains why the applicant is pursuing a career in the insurance industry.

How to Apply

If you meet the application criteria to be considered for the scholarship, please click the button below for details about how to apply.

How to Apply

About Stephen W. Cavanaugh

Stephen Cavanaugh earned recognition by virtue of his vision, leadership and passion, which drove him to achieve great accomplishments in the Louisiana insurance industry. As chief counsel to the Louisiana Department of Labor’s Office of Workers’ Compensation, and later as director, Cavanaugh lobbied for changes that he thought would transform the Louisiana workers’ compensation system and make it “work like it’s supposed to work.” Following LWCC’s creation through state legislation, the new corporation’s board of directors named Cavanaugh president and chief executive officer of the company in December of 1991. LWCC wrote its first policy on October 1, 1992.

As LWCC’s founding leader, Cavanaugh was the driving force that turned the entire workers’ compensation marketplace into a healthy, competitive system. Starting with a one-room office, a cell phone, a steno pad, and a vision, Cavanaugh developed LWCC into an A.M. Best “A”-rated workers’ compensation insurer that, when benchmarked nationally against 2,500 property-casualty insurance carriers, ranked in the Ward Group’s Top 50 for nine consecutive years (2002–2010). During his 15-year tenure at LWCC, Steve Cavanaugh founded OMNET®, the first workers’ compensation managed care network in Louisiana, and consistently maintained the organization’s profitability through hard and soft market cycles.

Those who knew Steve, either as a friend, colleague or employee, remember his passion for birdwatching and vintage automobiles, his collection of guitars, and his love of poetry and literature. He enjoyed entertaining others by playing guitar and singing. He wrote original poetry and could recite from memory a multitude of famous literary poetic masterpieces. During LWCC’s formative years, Steve would meet with each new employee and welcome him or her by reciting from memory word-for-word the entire text of the famous book by Dr. Seuss titled Oh, the Places You’ll Go.

Cavanaugh announced his resignation from LWCC in March of 2006. In September of 2006, he was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer and was placed under hospice care. Cavanaugh passed away at his home surrounded by family and friends on November 15, 2006.