Getting Back to Work: Tips for Success

Friday, January 23, 2015

LWCC’s claims representatives, registered nurses and vocational specialists all work with your employer to find the best situation under which you can return to work. In addition, your doctor’s responsibility is understanding your job and injury enough to make recommendations that ensure your safe and successful return to work.

But in the end it’s up to you to make your return to work a successful one. Remember if you refuse to return to work once your doctor has released you, you could jeopardize future workers’ comp benefits, not to mention your job.

Once your doctor indicates you are ready to go back to work, here are some tips for getting back to the job:

  • If you are still under a doctor's care for your injury, don't miss scheduled appointments and continue to take any prescribed medication.
  • Report any pain immediately to your employer or supervisor and your physician. Physical discomfort following your injury is to be expected and is an unfortunate part of the recovery process. Letting your doctor know about it can help him determine if your activities are harmful to your injury or not.
  • Under no circumstances should you perform activities that were expressly prohibited by your doctor when he signed your work release. If your employer is requiring this of you, please contact your claims representative so we can help to clear up any misunderstandings.
  • Think positive. Sure getting back to work isn&rsuqo;t easy, but if you maintain a positive attitude and desire to be challenged, you’ll find that you will be able to resume your previous activities in no time. If you feel ready to tackle activities that involved restrictions, talk to your employer and your doctor about the possibility of having them lifted.
  • Notify LWCC should your wages change.