Fraud Investigation

Preventing fraud is not only the right thing to do, but it can also save you money. LWCC’s special investigation unit tracks down fraudulent claims, gathers evidence and provides prosecutors with courtroom-ready cases. With more convictions than all other carriers in the state, our special investigation unit has saved millions of dollars over the years by uncovering fraudulent claims.

Employee Education Materials

LWCC’s ongoing anti-fraud programs provide you the tools to deter fraud in your workplace and encourage fraud reporting among coworkers. To obtain free materials on preventing and reporting fraud, click on the “Resources” link on this site.

Fraud Hotline

If you suspect fraud, there’s no need to hire your own private investigator. Simply call LWCC’s toll-free Fraud Hotline, 800-933-FRAUD (800-933-3728), to report suspicious claims activities. Your concerns and fraud prevention questions will be answered directly by an LWCC special investigator.

Report Suspected Fraud

If you suspect a claimant, employer, or medical provider of committing workers’ compensation fraud, you can fill out the online form below or download our Fraud Reporting Kit, print the PDF, and complete the “Fraud Tip Reporting Form.” Fax the form to 225-929-5617 or mail it to LWCC/SIU, 2237 South Acadian Thruway, LA 70808.


Online Fraud Reporting Form

If you would like to report someone who you think may be committing workers' compensation fraud, complete the information below. You may choose to submit this information anonymously; however, this may limit the scope of the investigation.


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This form is for Louisiana only. If you would like to report workers' compensation fraud in a state other than Louisiana, please contact the desired state's workers' compensation office or website.