Enter the World of Interactive

The top 10 reasons you should check out the new LWCC Interactive website

LWCC Interactive is the secure, password-protected website for LWCC policyholders and agents. It allows 24-hour-a-day access to the most current information about your workers’ compensation insurance policy. The entire Interactive site has been completely rewritten and improved to provide our customers with the best online experience possible.

Here are the top ten features of the completely redesigned LWCC Interactive:

Improved Security

At LWCC, the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information is of utmost importance to us. We have increased the security of your information by allowing each individual user to self-administer passwords. Because your identity will be associated with your unique email address, and you choose your own secure password, no one but you will have access to your policy or claims information. A new “log off” feature ensures that your session has ended without requiring you to close your internet browser.

Responsive Design

Responsive web design gives any website the ability to resize, hide, shrink, enlarge or move page content to make it legible and easy to navigate on any screen format. Now you can access LWCC Interactive on your desktop computer, mobile tablet or cellular device, whether you are in the office or on the go.

Fast, Friendly Interface

Because all of LWCC Interactive’s underlying computer code was completely overhauled and rewritten in a Microsoft-friendly platform, using the enhanced website is a breeze. Screens are optimized to load faster in a more pleasing, intuitive, streamlined layout, saving you time.

Syndicated News Feed

Every time you log in to Interactive, your account information page will feature the latest news and information from LWCC including important company updates, breaking news and helpful articles that can provide tips for controlling your workers’ compensation costs.

Online Payment

If your policy is set up on a payroll-reporting schedule, you can submit your payroll report, immediately view your estimated premium and make a payment directly through LWCC Interactive’s secure online payment portal through Chase Bank.

Printer-friendly Format

Nearly every page within LWCC Interactive gives you the option of switching to a black-and-white version of the page making it easier and more efficient to print.

Claims Detail Report

This report, often referred to as a “loss run,” includes the details of any claims you may have reported, including a breakdown of medical and indemnity payments, the reserve amounts set for all open claims, detailed accident and injury descriptions, and even progress notes recorded by LWCC claim representatives.

Claims Analysis Report

Are there trends in your claims? The claims analysis feature allows you to cross reference your claims by the day of the week, occupation, injury type, age, experience level, department, supervisor and more. This level of analysis can provide valuable insight so that you can develop company procedures and protocols to control your workers’ comp costs.

Claim Reporting

Because claims reported late can significantly increase costs compared to those reported promptly, LWCC Interactive makes it easy to report a claim quickly. Simply log on to Interactive, complete as much of the information about the work-related illness or injury, and submit the claim. An LWCC claims service professional will call you within 24 hours to discuss the injury.

Free Resources

As an LWCC policyholder, you are eligible to receive a wealth of free resources to complement your workers’ comp program. This includes access to free streaming training videos, safety meeting guides, newsletters and more.

Of course, these ten are not the only features available to you. Additional features of LWCC Interactive include:

  • Payroll and Audit Recap—Reported payroll and premium audit results
  • Invoice Reprint—Access to a collection of previous invoices
  • OMNET Provider Search—A searchable database of statewide occupational medical providers that can expedite the treatment of your injured employee

If you have any questions about LWCC Interactive, its features or how to use it, please contact your insurance agent or an LWCC customer relations representative.