Welcome to LWCC!

Our mission is to better Louisiana one business and one worker at a time. This starts with you, and the health and safety of your employees. By keeping your employees safe, you and your team can focus on your success. Thank you for trusting us with your workers' comp insurance. 

Below, you'll find resources designed to help you establish best practices and take advantage of LWCC's services and offerings.

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Step 1: Let's Get Started!

Getting your business and account set up properly can save both time and money in the long run. Below are some resources to help you get started and safe.

Access LWCC Interactive

An online portal to manage your workers' comp account.

Utilize Safety Services Resources & Consultants

A free resource for policyholders with multiple ways to establish and maintain a safe working environment.

Establish Audit Preparation Practices

The proper practices and record keeping can streamline the audit process, should it be required. Learn how to set your company up correctly from day one.


Step 2: The Claims Process

A one-stop resource to have available when accidents happen and to be prepared to handle them swiftly so your employees can get the care they need and return to work.

Your worker is injured. What you should do next:
  1. Take employee to be drug tested and offer treatment at occupational clinics.
  2. File a Claim
Different kinds of claims: 
Access LWCC Interactive What happens after filing a claim: 


Step 3: Cost-Saving Opportunities

Following a few simple suggestions can ultimately save on your premium and improve your company's safety.