Return to Work

WorkAction®: LWCC’s Return-to-Work Program

The key to getting your injured employee back to work is early intervention. LWCC’s return-to-work program, WorkAction®, capitalizes on the window of opportunity right after an employee is injured to help create a return-to-work plan that works for you.

What You Can Expect with LWCC’s WorkAction®

Site Visit

A vocational rehabilitation consultant will visit your work site to analyze the employee’s current job and help identify appropriate transitional duty work.

Job Analysis

The analysis includes a written report as well as photographs of the job being performed. The job analysis is forwarded to the treating physician for review.

Physician Review

The physician will review the analysis and make a recommendation about the employee’s ability to return to work, along with any restrictions.


LWCC will follow up to help you create a transitional duty plan based on the physician’s recommendation.

What Our Return-to-Work Program Can Do for You

Faster Recovery

Studies show that employees recover from their injuries three times faster when they’re on the job. LWCC facilitates this process by incorporating work tasks into the physician-approved treatment plan.

Higher Productivity

By helping the employee back to work in some capacity, you ensure that productivity doesn’t suffer. The ultimate goal is for the employee to return to his or  her pre-injury duties.

Happier Employees

By helping employees get back to work, you are helping them maintain their financial security and self esteem.

Lower Costs

Industry data indicates employer return-to-work efforts can result in significant claims cost savings.