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LWCC Delivers with Mobile Safety Training Center

Monday, December 5, 2011

LWCC recently introduced another way it can deliver free dynamic safety training to its policyholders' the new Mobile Safety Training Center, a 24-foot-long trailer that is capable of providing classroom-style training and features satellite Internet access.

The center, which is fully insulated and climate controlled, can accommodate 11 learners, each with a 17-inch laptop computer for accessing online safety courses and exams. A 42-inch television is used for training via the DVD or PowerPoint.

Considering that many policyholders have neither the facilities nor Internet access to provide safety training conveniently and cost-effectively, the Mobile Safety Training Center is the latest example of how LWCC's Safety and Loss Prevention Department is using technology to help policyholders protect their employees.

For three years LWCC has also offered access to free, 24-hour online safety training as well as the Virtual Driver Interactive, a computer-based driving simulator used to promote safety on the roadways.