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LWCC Dedicates Foster Learning Center

Governor Foster honored through dedication of LWCC’s new world-class learning, meeting, and innovation facility in Baton Rouge

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Driving and Cell Phones: A Dangerous Combination

Whether it is running an errand to the office supply store, delivering pizza, driving a fleet truck to a home repair job, or traveling across town for a meeting, employees perform routine, work-related activities in vehicles. However, many drivers who are in the “course and scope” of employment multitask or become inattentive while behind the wheel.
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The Bottom-Line Benefits of Returning and Employee to Work

You should work with your claims adjustor and rehabilitation counselor to modify a job to meet the restrictions assigned by the treating physician and then offer the modified position to the injured employee. If you have not already done so, you should establish a policy or goal of returning your employees to work following a work-related accident. By doing this, you will benefit by having reduced exposure for supplemental earnings benefits while fostering a stable and efficient work environment.
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Don’t Be a Hard Head, Wear a Hard Hat

Your head is exposed to injury every day on the job, but you can avoid most head injuries if you wear the right headgear and learn to take care of the headgear properly.
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