LWCC utilizes a network of providers across the state, even in rural areas, based on their expertise in occupational medicine, professional credentials, use of established treatment guidelines, and effective return-to-work practices.

All LWCC providers are listed in OMNET, our network of healthcare providers and services. OMNET provides policyholders access to a list of hospitals, clinics, specialists, pharmacies, physical therapists, chiropractors, diagnostic testing facilities, durable medical equipment vendors, rehabilitation resources, and home healthcare providers. Additionally, LWCC Client Relations Representatives (CRRs) coordinate with OMNET providers and LWCC policyholders with frequent claims. 

COVID-19 Update for our Providers:



To our valued medical providers:

We hope this message finds you safe and healthy. 

In these unprecedented times, we want you to know that we are open for business and our team is fully staffed to handle medical treatment requests per UR guidelines and process bills for payment.

LWCC supports the use of telemedicine and will approve it for patients where appropriate.  Please request approval on a 1010 form just like any other visit.

LWCC is a Louisiana company, and we are proud to be helping policyholders, providers and injured workers during this trying time.  If there is anything we can assist you with, please do not hesitate to call.

Thank you for your partnership. You can trust LWCC to be Louisiana Loyal. Always.



Client Relations Reps:

Susan Paisant - 504-858-6426
Nancy Pierson - 225-439-3301


Medical Services Team:




COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions from Medical Providers

Are you open during normal business hours?

LWCC is open for business and operating normally.  Our employees are working remotely for their safety.  Staff is available from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

How can I get in touch with the injured workers' claims rep?

LWCC claims reps and medical service coordinators are available at the following number 1-800-267-2410, their direct line, or by email. 

Are 1010's being processed normally?

Yes, 1010’s can be sent through our normal business processes either by fax at 1-888-560-5922 or email at lwccur@lwcc.com.

Are you processing medical bills normally?

Yes, our medical bill review unit is processing bills normally.

Are you approving telemedicine visits? 

During the stay at home order, LWCC will approve telemedicine visits for the injured workers to treat with their approved physicians and therapists. These visits would still require approval via the LWC-1010 form. If there are still evaluation and management visits remaining on an existing approved 1010 that you received from LWCC, you do not need to send a new LWC-1010 form for the telemedicine visit(s). For any new telemedicine evaluation and management requests, physicians and therapists should submit the LWC-1010 to LWCC via email at lwccur@lwcc.com or fax 888-560-5922. 

What codes should be use for billing on telemedicine?

In addition to changing the place of service on the bill and appending a telemedicine modifier, physicians can continue using the existing evaluation and management codes listed in the fee schedule.  Please continue to attach the medical records to the bills for these telemedicine visits so we can stay updated on the patient’s progress. This will also ensure that we are reimbursing you appropriately for the services provided. As always, LWCC is committed to our state and to helping our injured workers continue to get medical treatment during the stay at home order.