Our promise to Louisiana workers:

We’re committed to partnering with businesses to create a safe and healthy environment. When accidents happen, we’ll provide the resources and support needed to return injured workers to life and work. 

As Louisiana’s largest workers’ compensation insurer, LWCC assists thousands of employees injured on the job each year. As a worker, if you get hurt while in the course and scope of employment, you have access to OMNET®, our occupational medicine network comprised of more than 2,000 healthcare providers, including doctors, hospitals and specialists. This network ensures injured workers receive faster appointment times and offers access to Louisiana’s most experienced occupational medicine practitioners in the treatment of work-related injuries.

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions from Injured Workers

Are you open during normal business hours?

LWCC is open for business and operating normally.  Our employees are working remotely for their safety.  Staff is available from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

How can I get in touch with my claims rep?

LWCC claims reps are available at the following number 1-800-267-2410, their direct line or by email. 

Will my loss wage check be mailed like normal?

Wage loss checks are mailed each day.  If you are receiving weekly checks from us, we continue to mail those on Wednesdays.  

Can I have my check sent direct deposit?

We are not changing any weekly loss wage payments to direct deposit.

Will telemedicine visits with my doctor be approved?

Yes! We encourage you to reach out to your doctor and/or therapist to continue your medical treatment through telemedicine.  Your healthcare provider can contact LWCC for approval.  If your provider had visits that were previously approved, the healthcare provider can contact the rep to convert the remaining visits to telemedicine visits.  New requests for medical treatment continue to be handled via the form 1010 submitted by your provider.

Can I get my prescription medications like normal?

Yes, all prescription medications are being approved through our normal processes.  If you need your pharmacy card activated to fill a prescription, please contact your LWCC claims rep.

Can I get mail order prescriptions?

Yes, if interested, prescription medications can be delivered through a mail order program.  Please contact your LWCC claims rep for more information.