Provide Care. Provide Life.


Dr. Robert H. Jackson

Medical Director & Founder, MLK Health Center & Pharmacy

Born and raised in northern Louisiana, Dr. Jackson holds a fondness for his community and those who live there. After experiencing a need for accessible medical care during his time as a resident, Dr. Jackson spearheaded a clinic that connects patients with the resources they need at no cost. In doing so, he has changed the perception of healthcare in his area and started a revolution of medicine across the state.

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Providing Care Provides Life for Louisiana

Dr. Robert Jackson is on a mission to improve healthcare for Louisiana, ensuring the most vulnerable in his community have access to the medical care they need.


Our Impact Starts Now

Scenic highways and quaint small towns add charm and charisma to our state. However, the poverty and rurality of Louisiana play a fundamental role in the inability of residents to access necessary medical care. Ranking among the unhealthiest states, Louisiana also boasts the highest uninsured rates in the country. Dr. Jackson and his team believe that by providing critical care to those most at risk, we can make a difference and work to fix those things that ail us, in more than one way.

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Medicine on a Mission

The MLK Health Center and Pharmacy began in 1985 with a mission to extend comprehensive primary healthcare and pharmacy services at no cost to uninsured patients with chronic illness who otherwise would forgo routine medical care due to lack of resources.

From its humble beginnings, the clinic has grown tremendously over the years to meet the needs of the uninsured. Today, the center continues to serve patients who have no resources to obtain quality healthcare and pharmacy services, providing over $16 million in services to over 1,700 patients each year.  

“As long as we can just keep helping people, I think we’re fulfilling a wonderful benefit to society," says Dr. Jackson.

Get to know

Dr. Robert H. Jackson

What is your favorite place in Louisiana?

Shreveport. It’s simply home. This is where I was born and raised, where I raised my family, and one of the best places I know of.

What is one thing you want all Louisiana citizens to know?

We all have the power to positively affect our communities, we just have to get out there and make it happen.

What is your advice for younger generations?

Find the joy in giving back. Life is not all about being centered on yourself, but the ability to serve and benefit those around us.

Making an Impact in


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