Harvest the Land for the Benefit of Others


Hunters for the Hungry

Louisiana Nonprofit Organization

Louisiana is uniquely positioned within the country, boasting unmatched access to the outdoors and the wildlife that inhabit it. By taking advantage of this natural resource, Hunters for the Hungry Louisiana aims to provide for those in our state who are food insecure from the abundance of wild game and fish harvested each year by avid Louisiana sportsmen and women.

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Bringing the Bounty of Sportman's Paradise to Those in Need

Hunters for the Hungry Louisiana has turned a recreational pastime into a resource for residents facing food insecurity.


Our Impact Starts Now

With an abundance of land and waterways brimming with wildlife and fish, Louisiana has long been coined Sportsman’s Paradise. By utilizing a passion for the great outdoors, Hunters for the Hungry Louisiana is working to create a culture of giving by providing multiple opportunities for hunters and fishers to donate their bounty to the food banks and shelters across the state through their Clean Out Your Freezer Day and the Freshly Harvested Game program.

pounds of lean protein provided through Hunters for the Hungry "Freshly Harvested Game" program during the 2019-2020 deer season
meals provided through Hunters for the Hungry "Freshly Harvested Game" program during the 2019-2020 deer season
meals can be provided from one deer
pounds of lean protein was collected during 2020's "Clean Out Your Freezer Day"

Harvested Game Feeding the Future

Louisiana’s position as one of the hungriest states in the nation has driven Hunters for the Hungry to connect resident outdoorsmen capitalizing on the bounty of the land with those most in need. By streamlining the donation process and collaborating with food banks across the state, the organization is working diligently to reduce the number of Louisianans that go hungry.

Get to know

Hunters for the Hungry

How does your work impact the future of Louisiana?

We have volunteers of all ages, providing everyone an opportunity to give back. By teaching others that simple actions can make a significant difference, it's our hope to continue that urge to give and help others.

What do you think makes Louisiana unique?

Louisiana is Sportman's paradise! Our access to the outdoors and its bounty is phenomenal and unlike any other state.

How has being based in Louisiana helped your organization thrive?

The access to the outdoors has been a natural benefit, but the willingness of our state's hunters and fishers to share their harvest has really helped us thrive. The generosity of people from Louisiana has been a huge factor in our success.

In your opinion, what is Louisiana's number one challenge?

Hunger affects every parish and community in Louisiana. From senior citizens to entire families, hunger issues are present and often go unnoticed. It is our responsibility to help others when we can and do our part to reduce the number of people who go hungry.

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