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4Sisters Rice

Louisiana Business

4Sisters Rice is shifting mindsets in the agricultural community and playing an integral role in Louisiana’s booming rice production industry. This women-owned, vertically integrated business strives to bolster the state’s economy and environment while sustainably bringing organic and natural rice products to family tables across the nation.

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Taking a Little Grain and Making a Big Difference

4Sisters Rice is more than just a business. It’s a family’s legacy, passion, and opportunity to make a positive impact on the agricultural industry. It’s a company that is steeped in Louisiana history and dedicated to its consumers, community, and the environment.


Our Impact Starts Now

Food plays an important role in Louisiana’s culture and economy. This is particularly true of rice, which not only serves as a staple in dishes like jambalaya and red beans, but also contributes hundreds of millions of dollars to the state as a top agricultural export. Thanks to an ideal climate and geographic location, Louisiana is the nation’s third-largest rice producer, and 4Sisters is among the chief contributors.

Acres farmed by 4Sisters
Contributed annually to the Louisiana economy from rice production
Rice producing farms in Louisiana
Pounds of rice consumed annually by the average American

A Sisterhood for Change

Although it may not have been available in retail outlets until 2020, 4Sisters Rice truly began with the start of the Kennedy family farm in 1964. With a long family history in Louisiana rice production and a father who has left a lasting legacy on the industry, the Kennedy sisters knew that they wanted to carry on the family business in a sustainable and meaningful way, improving not only the food they put on family tables, but also the land they farmed and the communities they served.

Get to know

4Sisters Rice

What is your vision for Louisiana?

That all of our citizens have good, wholesome, quality food to eat, jobs to provide for themselves/their families, and that we can share these with the rest of the world.

What should Louisiana's top priority be?

Changing the cycles of poverty among our citizens, creating an employable workforce throughout the state, and ensuring that all Louisianans become self-sufficient.

What is your advice for the younger generation to elevate Louisiana?

Our younger generations must take full advantage of the extensive educational and technical skills development opportunities available to them. Having an educated, skill-ready, willing, available workforce available for businesses is a key component to the growth, health, and sustainability of Louisiana.

Making an Impact in

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