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In order to direct your call to the appropriate department as quickly as possible, you can bypass our phone menu by following the below prompts based on your call needs:


Making a payment on your policy, or if you have a question regarding the balance on your invoice

Reporting a new claim
Then PRESS 1
If you are an Injured Worker
Then PRESS 2
If you are Policyholder or Agent
Then PRESS 3
If you are a Medical Provider
Then PRESS 4
Company Directory

To reach a specific employee at LWCC by name, locate them in the company directory

Agents experiencing technical issues

Experiencing technical issues with LWCC Interactive, like resetting your password, submitting quotes, pop-up blockers

Premium Audit

To schedule or reschedule an audit, check audit status, or for general audit questions

Policyholder Services

Inquiring about policy status, classifications, rating, loss runs, or if you have general policy questions

All other calls

Our best-in-class online business center for agent partners

Agents are our first partner in delivering best-in-class workers' compensation coverage to businesses across Louisiana, and we are committed to providing the tools and services to make the agent experience a positive one. CompZone+ is LWCC's portal for quoting and servicing LWCC policies, designed with agent input and built for continuous improvement.

CompZone+ Countdown:
From April 12 to April 17, CompZone will not be available for access or business functions.

Get to Know CompZone+

If you are just getting started in CompZone+ we have a series of on-demand tutorial videos available on Interactive to walk you through common workflows.

On-demand video topics include:


Home page navigation


Rate calculator


Getting a new business quote


Reviewing and accepting a renewal quote


Completing an agent action


Adding other named insureds and specific waivers (manual submission)


Adding an MSA

Features built for you.

Tech that Saves you Time

CompZone+ utilizes innovative technology to pre-populate your submission from your ACORD 130. With the new application reader, a submission that used to take more than 12 minutes can be reserved in as little as three minutes. 

Refined Workflow

We understand you don’t always have all the information at the start. Built around best practices, CompZone+ gives you the freedom to reserve the market with basic application information, while providing the time to gather additional information you’ll need to complete your submission.

Clearer Communications

Optimized email notifications and dynamic two-way messaging capabilities make it easier for you to send and receive information about your submission directly to your inbox.

Straight Through Endorsements

Simple change requests should be simple. Through automation, certain endorsements are processed instantly and documents available to you next business day.

Frequently asked questions

Where do I go for technical support?
  • If you have technical issues within CompZone+, please submit a ticket utilizing the Question Mark icon in the top right of the CompZone+ screen so that our development team can address it.
  • If you have problems regarding your username or access to CompZone+, send an email to information@lwcc.com and someone will respond within one business day.
Why did LWCC create a new submission process?

We understand that how agents write and service business with LWCC is crucial for your agency. Whether you have a substantial amount of business placed with us or plan to grow, having a submission process that is easy and works for you is necessary.


The insurance industry is experiencing a needed digital transformation to partner better with agents. Our decision to create a new submission process includes critical new features to help you write business today, and be positioned to evolve and respond to your future needs.

How do I access CompZone+?

Log into LWCC Interactive and click the link at the top to access CompZone+.

How can I prepare my team to utilize CompZone+?

There is a series of on-demand videos covering common workflows in Interactive to help orient you to the system. Additionally, upon your first log in, you’ll be offered a guided, on-screen tutorial to quickly make you a CompZone+ pro. This tool is available any time you log in if you ever get stuck or need a refresher on learning workflows.

What other changes do I need to be aware of?

Turnstile functionality (e-mailing in an application) is not an option in CompZone+. Please submit your application directly through the system for processing.

Will Interactive change?

Overall, functionality on Interactive will remain the same, with a few small changes:

  • The class code questionnaire within Interactive will be removed with the introduction of CompZone+. With the new submission process within CompZone+, you will be able to reserve the market with less information on hand.  
  • The following three listings will be removed from the Agency Dashboard: policies renewed, renewal quotes, and completed endorsements in CompZone.
Can I modify quotes and applications?

Yes, provided in our latest updates, agents are able to modify renewal quotes and new business applications.

Changes to renewal quotes can be made once the quote is approved by the Underwriter. Simple changes like updates to mailing address or EL limits will be processed straight-through and back in quote ready status instantly. More complex changes will be sent back to your Underwriter for further review.  

Recent enhancements will allow you to edit a new business application after the market has been reserved for the submission. This update aims to provide a more proactive approach to your evolving needs when submitting new business.  

How can I update primary contact information?

Maintaining accurate contact information for our policyholders is crucial. To assist in ensuring information is correct, you will notice a pop-up requesting updated contact information when accessing policies if we have not received updated contact information in the last year. Please update as necessary, the pop-up will continue to appear until information has been provided, but note the ability to close the window and update later.

Updating information can also be done from the policy page as needed.

Important Dates & Transition Work Considerations

Leading up to the launch of CompZone+, there will be a period of transition that includes a few necessary system interruptions. Follow the recommendations below to ensure your work items are either completed before the transition date or in an easily transferred status.

Today – April 12 @ 5:00 PM

Agent Task

New Business: Bind or refer submissions by April 12

Work items in “referred” status will migrate to CompZone+. Submissions in any other status will not migrate and will need to be re-entered. To avoid losing work, respond to any open agent actions and progress your submission to “referred” or bind/decline your quote by April 12. If a quote is approved but not bound, it will no longer be valid. The submission will need to be re-entered in CompZone+ to reserve the market and receive a quote.

Agent Task

Renewals: Accept or decline by April 12

Agents should accept or decline renewal quotes by April 12. Renewal quotes left in approved status will be issued on April 13.

Agent Task

Endorsements: Submit by April 12

Endorsement requests must be submitted by April 12. Endorsement requests left incomplete after April 12 will need to be re-entered in CompZone+.  

April 12 @ 5:00 PM – April 17 @ 7:00 AM

Agent Notice

Blackout Period: CompZone will be unavailable

CompZone will be unavailable from April 12 at 5:00 p.m. through April 17 at 7:00 a.m. During this time, you will not be able to access the system. 

April 17 @ 7:00 AM

Agent Notice

CompZone+ goes live April 17

CompZone+ goes live at 7:00 a.m. on April 17 and will be accessible for all work functions.