Elevating Louisiana through autonomy, creativity, and purpose

LWCC is Louisiana Loyal, leading a movement to celebrate and elevate Louisiana. That movement starts within our own walls, and drives us to think creatively about how to put our core values into action. LWCC’s OneDay initiative does just that. By inviting employees to spend 24 hours – one day – working in collaborative teams on projects designed to elevate the state, we engage our employees in the important work of ensuring a brighter future for Louisiana.


People often daydream about what they want to accomplish one day.

So, what if we gave them one day? One day to turn a dream into a pitch presentation. Inspired by Daniel Pink’s book Drive, LWCC’s 24-hour OneDay event challenges team members to celebrate and elevate Louisiana through innovative and collective problem solving.

Daniel Pink inspired us in more ways than one.
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Elevating Louisiana

Participants are tasked with one objective: make Louisiana a better place to work and live.

Creative Autonomy

Teams are given free rein to take the project in their desired direction.

Uninterrupted Innovation

Participants are allowed and encouraged to pause their daily work for 24 hours and dedicate to the process.

Purpose Driven

Because making a difference is about more people coming together to do the right thing.

Interested in launching your own OneDay?

LWCC seeks to serve as a catalyst elevating Louisiana’s position in America. Our team loved OneDay so much, we want to share it with businesses across the state. Download our OneDay guide and launch a OneDay event of your own. Together, we can drive transformational change in Louisiana.

LWCC’s OneDay Guide will help you:

Plan ahead
Communicate your approach
Encourage collaboration
Foster creativity
Celebrate the result
Follow up

Download the OneDay Implementation Guide

Please download the PDF below to gain access to our free comprehensive guide to launching your own OneDay.

February 29, 2024

OneDay 2024: Maintaining the Momentum of Innovation

The Louisiana Loyal movement starts within our walls, and drives us to think creatively about how we put our core values into action. LWCC's OneDay does just that, providing employees 24 hours to work creatively on how we can elevate our state.

"I had such an amazing experience participating in OneDay! I enjoyed collaborating with LWCC employees from other divisions who I often do not see every day. Having all of those unique perspectives really did enhance the quality of our idea and presentation. Although we did not win, I think we all gained something just as meaningful, a great bond and working relationship that I hope continues on beyond this project."
Corai Jackson
Human Resource Business Partner
"OneDay was an absolutely incredible experience and was somehow both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. Seeing everyone come together with focus and passion made this event the most fun I have ever had at work. Being able to win the Judges' Choice Award for our efforts was the perfect bow on what was already an amazing gift of an event.”
Chris Bishop
Premium Audit Supervisor
"I really enjoyed our  OneDay project. It gave us time to concentrate on something a little bit different. There are lots of good ideas floating around but finding the time in the hurry of regular day to day activities is not always easy. I appreciate that LWCC is always looking for new and better ways to accomplish our mission."
Lisa Huffty
Claims Specialist
"The creativity and ingenuity of the people of LWCC absolutely amazed me. I consider myself blessed to be in the midst."
Kimberly Sanders
Sr. Medical Services Coordinator
"OneDay was one of the greatest experiences within my 10 years at LWCC! Sure, it was a way to be innovative; but, the best part was working with other employees I wouldn't normally who bring so many different skills and talents to deliver an idea or concept. I am truly grateful to work for a company that allowed us to experience an event like this. It motivated me to use things I learned from that experience to make our department better!"
Kaci Reeves
Premium Audit Manager
"OneDay was an incredible experience for me as a new employee. It was a great way to connect and interact with coworkers from departments that I wouldn't have as much regular exposure to; and also a great way to be immersed in the Louisiana Loyal movement, while having an opportunity to put into practice all of our core values at LWCC."
Austin Arceneaux
Graphic Designer
“My favorite part about OneDay was that it gave me the opportunity to collaborate with individuals and departments that I don’t usually have exposure to. The relationships I built and knowledge I acquired during this 24 hrs will have a lasting impact on my career at LWCC.”
Lauren Clark
Senior Finance Analyst