Profits shared with policyholders when strong financial results in underwriting and investments are achieved

or individual

LWCC covers only Louisiana businesses and organizations

workplace safety

Guaranteeing your workplace is as safe as possible for your workforce is the best way to minimize risk and decrease chances of workplace injury.

system of free resources

A vast online library of regularly-updated safety resources, tools, and references made available to policyholder for free.

safety experts

LWCC’s Consultants on Call are dedicated to understanding your operations and customizing safety solutions to meet your needs.

mutual insurance company

We are mandated to serve the mutual benefits of its members.

personalized service

Our Agency Relations Representatives are available to partner with you to serve your policyholders through in-person or virtual visits, depending on your preference.

underwriting team

Specialized team with in-depth knowledge of the unique needs of companies of various sizes and specialties.

tools and information

The team assists agents in connecting to relevant department contacts, as well as resources, tools, guides, and educational materials available from LWCC.

dedicated agent resource

LWCC Agency Relations are here to serve agents and their staff only.

compassionate care

Genuine compassion requires the experience to know what matters and what help is actually needed.

plan development

WorkAction plans are customized to the injured workers’ needs by vocational rehabilitation specialists.

early intervention

Our WorkAction return-to-work program capitalizes on the window of opportunity right after an employee is injured to help create a return-to-work plan that works for you.

return-to-work program

Our experienced team helps design the right program for individual claims, or assist you in creating a proactive program to safely get your employee back to work — all at no cost.

quality medical care

Including hospitals, clinics, specialists, pharmacies, physical therapists, chiropractors, diagnostic testing, durable medical equipment vendors, rehabilitation, and home healthcare providers.

skilled providers

LWCC has selected providers across the state based on their expertise in occupational medicine, professional credentials, use of established treatment guidelines, and effective return-to-work practices.

prompt access

With OMNET®, injured employees are guaranteed appointments with specialists on a priority basis.


The first of its kind in Louisiana, OMNET includes providers across the state, even in rural areas.

strong financial results

Dividends are made possible through the sound counsel of agent partners, employees’ dedication to excellence in execution, and policyholders’ continued commitment to safety and wellness.


Returns are maximized by long-term policyholders who become fully vested in the dividend program.


A unique benefit for policyholders of a mutual insurance company.

workers’ compensation related

Provide a broad range of litigation services in the workers’ compensation arena.

provides counsel

The team handles cases of all sizes, regardless of the complexity of the dispute at issue.

in-house legal team

The Johnson, Rahman & Thomas team has approximately 19 lawyers, paralegals and legal assistants.

correct premium

Per the policy, the final premium is determined after the policy ends by using the actual premium (validated at the audit), along with proper classifications and rates.


The amount of premium due.


The audit is an important step in the workers’ comp insurance process.

financial gain

Can include paid benefits, unnecessary treatment or prescriptions, misrepresenting business details, and more.

intentional deception

Deception by a member of the workforce, a company leader, or a healthcare provider.

fully protect

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured on the job.

assist employers

Agents solicit and negotiate insurance contracts for the best fit between an insurer and a business or organization.

valuable resource

LWCC does not write workers’ comp policies directly with employers. We are proud to partner with agents across the state to provide outstanding service to our policyholders and their workers.

business, organization,

LWCC covers only Louisiana businesses and organizations

insurance policy

Our focus always has and always will be workers’ comp insurance

business or individual

LWCC covers only Louisiana businesses and organizations

injured workers

LWCC understands the difficulty of being injured on the job and is there to help those requiring assistance in recovery and return to work.

workers’ compensation

A form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured on the job.

private, nonprofit

We are mandated to serve the mutual benefits of our members.

evaluate corporate performance

The broader impact a company is having on the community and the world.

Non financial factors

Environmental, social, and governance

safety resources

Training, information, and experienced professionals made available to policyholders to prevent workplace accidents and improve overall workplace safety.


Giving Back to Help Louisiana Thrive

Our dividend program is one of many ways we are Louisiana Loyal, elevating Louisiana. The program, a unique benefit of partnering with a mutual insurance company, provides cash to policyholders who are able to use the funding for any purpose, no strings attached. As policyholders improve their businesses, they improve not just working environments, but the Louisiana economy as a whole.


in total since 2003


since 2006


supported per year

2021 Dividend


Total funds to be distributed for 2021


Number of jobs estimated supported by the 2021 dividend


Number of businesses that will receive a dividend payment in 2022


Dividends issued to businesses estimated to have less than $1 million in payroll


Dividends issued to businesses estimated to have 50 or fewer employees

Real Dollars Supporting Real Economic Growth

The figures above are findings from a study completed by Dr. James A. Richardson, Alumni Professor of Economics and Public Administration at LSU. They showcase the significant economic impact of LWCC’s annual dividend. These are dollars being placed in the Louisiana economy that, otherwise, would not have been available to policyholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about how this program may impact you as an LWCC policyholder.

How is LWCC able to distribute dividends?

The dividend program is made possible by the sound counsel of our agent partners, our employees’ dedication to excellence in execution, policyholders’ continued commitment to safety and wellness, a strategic risk and investment approach, and guiding principles that keep us focused on planning and preparing for the unexpected.  

Are dividend checks applied to an existing balance?

Dividends may be applied if an account meets certain criteria, such as having an outstanding balance and/or are in pending cancellations for non-payment.

Why doesn’t LWCC decrease rates instead of distributing a dividend?

The calculation of rates and dividends are separate exercises that consider different variables at different points in time. Rates are created using a prospective estimate of future expected costs. Dividends are determined through a retrospective analysis of how claims have been managed and the performance of LWCC’s investment portfolio, as well as our policyholders' and agents' vigilant focus on workplace safety. However, LWCC’s rates have decreased by 62.9% since 1992, including a reduction of 4.2% this year.

How much should I expect to receive in my dividend?

A policyholder’s share of the overall dividend increases by length of time with LWCC. All coverage last year and the previous 4 years with LWCC will be considered when calculating the policyholder’s share of the dividend, regardless of if there was a gap in coverage.

Will you pay a dividend again next year?

While dividends are not guaranteed, we have been able to distribute one every year since 2003.

The 2021 Dividend Feedback Form

The 2021 Dividend Feedback Form presents an opportunity for our policyholders to share how they're utilizing their dividends received through their 2021 dividend. While there is no expectation of how the funds should be used, over the years we've learned that many businesses choose to reinvest in themselves, make safety improvements, or create an improved work environment.

However you use your dividend, we want to hear about it! Let us know in the form.

Dividend Feedback Form

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