Prioritizing Safety, Health, and Wellness for Louisiana

A culture of safety, health, and wellness prevents workplace accidents and can minimize the cost of workers’ comp insurance. By keeping your employees safe and well, you and your team can focus on your success.

Workplace Safety

LWCC is committed to supporting all policyholders in the development of safety programs and culture. A successful safety and risk management program requires detailed planning, careful implementation, and employers and employees who are committed to a strong safety culture.

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Health and Wellness for a Safer Workforce

Companies around the world are investing in wellness programs for a variety of reasons including health risk reduction, health care cost containment, and overall improved employee health, which can impact morale as well as reduce turnover and accident rates. Human performance is higher when people are physically and emotionally able to work and have the desire to work. Higher levels of productivity are a direct result of higher levels of human performance, which can lead to higher returns.

When companies have robust corporate wellness programs in place, they see results.  Companies with wellness programs report seeing the following:

of companies report performing better than their top competitors
increase in industry adjusted average revenues per employee
differential in annual health care costs per employee in the U.S.
in benefit savings due to fewer lost days due to unplanned absences and disability, alongside savings on health care costs

Safety, Health, and Wellness Articles


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LWCC’s Self Evaluation Safety Survey Sign Up

This survey for LWCC policyholders evaluates current safety processes and operations and provides a starting point for development of a formal safety program. Sign up here to receive the survey.


Supporting a Drug-Free Workplace

Drug-free workplaces are critical to maintaining safe work environments. Research is clear on the financial ramifications associated with workplace substance abuse, but a high price is also paid in human capital.


Safety Grants 2022

The Safety Grants Program will provide one-time grant funds to policyholders to be used to implement safety measures, offering policyholders the opportunity to enhance workplace safety


Don't Just Hydrate, Acclimate

A heat acclimatization plan is a critical component of workplace safety, particularly for hot Louisiana summers. Learn how to implement your own plan for heat safety!


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Potential contact with electricity or work with electrical tools can pose serious risks to employee safety. Learn some best practices and policies to help prevent the risk of electrical-related harm.


Healthy Holiday Choices Guide

Our LiveWell program partners at Cooper Wellness Strategies share tips for making healthy choices even during the holiday season.


The Case for a Drug-Free Workplace

The hazards and risks from substances threaten the health and safety of employees. Learn the costs of drug abuse and the benefits of a drug-free program.


Meet Our LiveWell Fitness Partner: Cooper Wellness Strategies

Introducing LWCC’s LiveWell fitness team, Cooper Wellness Strategies, who provide employee fitness training as part of our innovative LiveWell program. Read on to learn more about the program, plus some tips for living a healthy lifestyle.