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LWCC’s team includes a board of directors, executive officers, and dedicated employees, all working to elevate Louisiana one business and one worker at a time.

We are LWCC

LWCC’s purpose is to help Louisiana thrive. To fulfill this purpose we must first serve our agent partners, policyholders, and injured workers at the highest level, providing excellence in execution, from underwriting to life-long care of an injured worker. We are able to do this through the talent, hard work, and dedication of our LWCC team.

Executive Officers

Kristin Wall

President & CEO

Joining LWCC in its first year of operation, she now leads the company across all functions, providing strategic and operational leadership to the organization.

John Hawie

Senior Vice President,
Chief Investment Officer

Guides the company's investment portfolio and long-term capital management, supporting the company's overall business strategy of enhancing profitability through earned income.

Paul Buffone

Senior Vice President,
Chief Claims Officer

Leads the people in claims and manages all claims-related functions that help injured workers recover from their injuries and return to their meaningful lives in an efficient yet compassionate manner.

Michael Stiltner

Senior Vice President,
General Counsel

Leads LWCC's in-house law firm in providing a broad range of litigation services to its policyholders in workers' compensation-related legal matters.

Gretchen Hofeling

Senior Vice President,
Chief Financial Officer

Manages the company's finance and real estate functions including accounting and reporting, payroll, billing, accounts payable and receivable, financial planning and analysis, and facilities.

Angela McGhee

Senior Vice President, Market Opportunities and Chief Actuary

Responsible for all actuarial functions for the company, and identifying and pursuing new market opportunities to achieve profitable growth

Gary Sanders

Senior Vice President,
Chief Information Officer

Oversees the development and implementation of information technology, cyber security, digitization, and enterprise risk management to maintain the company's leadership position in a constantly changing business environment.

Seth Irby

Senior Vice President,
Chief Strategy Officer

Leads overall corporate strategy development and execution to ensure a focus on long-term goals, while also overseeing marketing, branding, philanthropic initiatives, and customer-facing teams.

Jamie Bourg

Senior Vice President,
Policyholder Services

Responsible for leading the company's functions that directly support LWCC policyholders, including underwriting, underwriting operations, premium audit, and safety services.

Veronica Asmond

Vice President,
Chief Human Resources Officer

Leads strategy and initiatives related to the employee experience, including retention, engagement, talent acquisition, and employee development.

Board of Directors

James N. “Jim” Hall

Board Chair

Thomas K. “Tommy” Huval

Board Vice-Chair

Stephen W. “Steve” Craig

Board Member

Louis Reine

Board Member

Angele Davis

Board Member

Robin “Rob” Liles

Board Member

Patrick E. Mockler

Board Member

Byron Craig Thomson

Board Member

Barbara F. Young

Board Member

Commissioner Tim Temple

Ex Officio, Non-Voting

Senator M. Kirk Talbot

Ex Officio, Non-Voting

Representative M. Gabe Firment

Ex Officio, Non-Voting

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