Small actions we take together add up to elevate our state and drive the Louisiana Loyal movement forward.

The Louisiana Loyal Service Project began in 2020 as an internal initiative of LWCC led by its Corporate Citizenship Committee and Human Resources Team to bring employees together to capitalize on the company’s Volunteer Time Off incentive program. The scope expanded in 2022 to include agent partners. LWCC hopes to inspire other businesses to take authentic actions to celebrate and elevate Louisiana and make a positive impact through collective volunteerism. The Louisiana Loyal Service Project has supported Front Yard Bikes and the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank.

Past events:

Press Release
September 29, 2022

29,291 Meals Provided through LWCC Louisiana Loyal Service Project

LWCC and agent network partner to benefit the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank for the Louisiana Loyal Service Project.

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June 29, 2022

Putting Motion Behind the Movement

The Louisiana Loyal Service Project engaged employees and enhanced our local community, providing traction for a better Baton Rouge through our partnership with Front Yard Bikes.

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December 9, 2020

The Louisiana Loyal Service Project

LWCC’s Louisiana Loyal Service Project brings team members together in a collective service project to elevate both our region and state.

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Making a Difference

Impact of the 2022 Louisiana Loyal Service project in partnership with the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank.

Hours volunteered with the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank
Pounds of food prepared and/or donated through volunteer shifts and food drives
Total meals provided

Reflecting on the Louisiana Loyal Service Project

“It was so awesome to have the opportunity to become part of the community that Front Yard Bikes has built. The impact that all of these things have had on our community has made this an experience that- just like riding a bike-I will never forget!”
Chris Bishop
Premium Audit Supervisor
“Having the opportunity to participate in LWCC’s Louisiana Loyal Service Project was an honor but having our agent partners join us and come together will absolutely make a major difference not only in our local community, but across Louisiana. This movement has just begun and the continued push with our valued agents will be the reason that more communities within our great state feel the uplifting change.”
David Duval
Agency Relations Representative
“At the heart of LWCC's mission of helping Louisiana thrive is the belief that we have a duty to make a significant contribution to our home state. This comes alive through our employees living out our core values within the community. To that end, LWCC is proud to provide employees both volunteer time off and the opportunities to get involved and make a difference”
Elizabeth Briggs
Human Resource Business Partner
“I loved the opportunity to serve my local community with my family. The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank is a terrific organization and I am grateful for LWCC providing me and my family the opportunity to serve alongside other LWCC employees and our agent partners.”
Gretchen Hofeling
SVP, Chief Financial Officer
“By nature, our line of work focuses on providing care when it’s needed most. With the Louisiana Loyal Service Project, that’s exactly what we did, helping to provide support to those who need it most. It was great to see our organization come together with such excitement and enthusiasm, and I think that’s what made this service project so meaningful.”
Kyle Rickards
AVP, PHS Operations & Underwriting
“Words cannot express the feeling I had after volunteering during our service project with the foodbank. I left there with a humbleness and appreciation for the blessings I have. Being the shift leader allowed me to interact with our agents, LWCC employees, and to work together in the service of others. This was my first time volunteering, but it will not be my last.”
Kimberly Sanders
Senior Medical Services Coordinator
“The Front Yard Bikes event was significant to me because it represented how healthy choices can be made by anyone. I understand the importance of staying active, and this organization encourages children to be active while providing them with a safe space for interesting activities. Similar to Front Yard Bikes, we are elevating Louisiana and aiding its citizens with living a healthy lifestyle by encouraging everyone to remain active.”
Lisa Huffty
Claims Specialist