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OneDay 2024: Maintaining the Momentum of Innovation

OneDay’s mission is simple, yet powerful: Twenty-four hours to elevate Louisiana. This annual event ignites creativity and teamwork, providing a platform for employees to channel their enthusiasm and expertise into initiatives that address some of the company’s and state’s most pressing needs.

February 29, 2024

Event Recap

LWCC employees celebrated Leap Day by spending 24 hours tackling problems and exploring opportunities on concepts ranging from tech improvements to community outreach. Beginning at 9 a.m. on February 29, nine teams of employees utilized concepts of human centered design to research, refine, and test their OneDay project concepts in preparation for a five-minute pitch presentation on March 1.

Teams presented to their peers and a trio of judges, including Kristin W. Wall, LWCC President and CEO, Deborah Sternberg, Champion of Louisiana and Chair of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy of Baton Rouge, and Jim Hall, LWCC Board Chair. Following presentations, the judges deliberated to select the winner of the Judges’ Choice Award while employees voted on the People’s Choice Award.

After presentations, all participants were invited to a reception to celebrate the conclusion of the event and continue to build upon the relationships strengthened through the OneDay process.

The Winning Projects

While the purpose of OneDay is to foster autonomy, innovation, and cross-team relationships, “winners” are selected by both the judges panel and by peers. This year’s winners are:

Judges’ Choice Award: Statewide Service Project

Team members: (pictured L to R) David Duval, Shelly Tennimon, Drake Boudreaux, Zach Davies, Kaci Reeves, and Meghna Chitturi

The Louisiana Loyal Service Project was developed to help bring the Louisiana Loyal movement to life. Reflecting on previous projects, this team ideated what the project could look like by extending opportunities to additional stakeholders, like policyholders and community members. The team also built a matrix that would help align participants with opportunities that matched their interests, increasing opportunities to serve and making the service more meaningful.  

People’s Choice Award: DigitalCSR

Team members: (pictured L to R) Sarah Howard, LaChondria Holder, Deneen Richard, Tori Wells, Shawn Zeringue (Perry the Pelican), Janice Selders, Elizabeth Root, Jennifer Fourroux, and Debra Vidrine

The DigitalCSR team designed an AI customer service representative (CSR) that would enhance the online experience for various stakeholders, providing a convenient opportunity to interact with the organization while obtaining the information they are looking for. The team proposed having the digital assistant help answer frequently asked questions, providing a quick solution for users while saving time and increasing efficiency for LWCC employees. The team concluded with a fully realized demo showcasing how the service could work.

Honorable Mention: Race to Zero

Team members: (pictured L to R) Elly Hunt (virtual), Lindsey Minton, Kyle Rickards, Cody Dickinson (virtual)

Recognizing the opportunity for LWCC to cover more small businesses across the state, the Race to Zero team took a critical look at LWCC’s submission process to identify ways to utilize data and technology to create an intuitive and streamlined small business quoting experience.

Beyond OneDay at LWCC

All participants were encouraged to sustain the momentum of their projects beyond the event, using the energy and enthusiasm generated during OneDay to drive continued progress. This ongoing commitment ensures that the spirit of innovation ignited during OneDay permeates throughout LWCC’s culture, leaving a lasting impact.


Employees recognize and appreciate the benefits of participating in OneDay.

“The innovation, the creativity, the relationships built in OneDay don’t stop after 24 hours. We use OneDay as a catalyst, a starting point for bettering our lives, our families, our company, and our state.”

Seth Irby

Chief Strategy Officer

"Collaborating with colleagues from diverse departments not only broadens our own perspectives, but also creates connections that extend OneDay to EveryDay."

Simien Williams

Help Desk Analyst

“OneDay isn’t just about work; it’s an opportunity that spills over into our personal lives. The lessons learned and growth opportunities experienced in the office don’t just benefit me – they enrich my interactions with family and friends, allowing me to share newfound wisdom and insights, helping to foster growth and connections beyond the workplace.”

Kristin Marceaux

Data Architect

“OneDay’s atmosphere of collaboration and friendly competition was such a positive experience. Having the freedom to bring forth an idea that I am passionate about and share it with my peers was empowering. Most of all, having the CEO there taking her time to listen to our ideas made me feel seen and heard as an employee.”

Kara Cormier

Claims Representative

Impact by the numbers.

With participation from nearly every department across the organization, OneDay is a unique opportunity for employees to work alongside colleagues they don’t typically interact with. This cross-team relationship building is a beneficial side effect of OneDay’s structure, building bonds that employees carry forward for future problem-solving.

86% department participation

A large majority of the company’s departments participated in OneDay in 2024.

9 project teams

Each project teams collaborated on a concept for 24 hours.

57 individual employees

These participants were given the opportunity to self-select the project and team they were most interested in.

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