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Marucci Sports: Innovating the Game and Igniting Talent

With an unwavering commitment to the home team, Marucci is not only redefining Baton Rouge's landscape, but also championing economic growth, job creation, and a renaissance of Louisiana's unmistakable love of sports, innovation, and community.

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Loyal to progressing America’s past-time in Louisiana.

For Marucci Sports, winning means making better products that enable athletes to be successful and perform at their highest potential. They are proud to manufacture the #1 wood bat in the world and even more proud to do it from Louisiana, where their unique story first began.

Loyal to supporting a thriving, diverse Louisiana economy.

Rivaled only by their love of the game, Marucci’s love for Louisiana has spurred them to invest back into the state’s economy and its people. From their active involvement in youth sports and local communities to their integral role in a booming sports tourism industry, Marucci Sports is laying the groundwork to ensure success for future generations.

Loyal to retaining Louisiana’s best and brightest talent.

Marucci Sports has witnessed firsthand Louisiana’s passion for sports and the greatness of its people. Yet, they've also noticed the migration of brilliance in pursuit of greener pastures. In response, they are committed to providing unique opportunities to keep top talent in the state while also relocating uniquely talented individuals to work alongside them.

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Marucci Sports

While the origins may have been modest, Marucci Sports has evolved into an industry trailblazer and a beacon of Louisiana's entrepreneurial spirit.

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Baseball’s Most Popular Bat

The first handcrafted wooden bat to bear the Marucci name came from a humble backyard wood shop in 2004. Within a mere nine years, Marucci Sports and their meticulously crafted bats disrupted the long-standing reign of Louisville Slugger, shattering its 130-year stronghold to become the most used bat in the big leagues - a title they still hold today.

Tourism Powerhouse

Marucci World Series serves as a tourism juggernaut, drawing thousands of youth athletes, families, and coaches to Greater Baton Rouge every July. Amid Louisiana's renowned culinary experiences, festivals, and music, Marucci is forging a new realm of tourism, and it’s one poised for exponential growth. In essence, Marucci Sports is rewriting Baton Rouge's story as the nucleus of commerce and baseball.

Industry Innovator

Marucci Sports embodies the timeless baseball adage, "If you build it, they will come” through constant innovation and groundbreaking initiatives. Rather than simply following the century-old status quo, Marucci chose to break the mold, designing bats not only for, but with elite level hitters. At each step of their evolution, the company has relied on the expertise of the game’s most talented athletes and most brilliant minds to push the needle forward through initiatives like their one-of-a-kind Baseball Performance Lab.

Dedicated Louisiana Employer

“Made in Louisiana” is a label Marucci Sports wears with great pride and one it never plans to lose. The company sold in 2020 for $200 million and again in 2023 for $572 million. However, with Louisiana native Kurt Ainsworth remaining at the helm as CEO, the shift in ownership came with one significant promise - Baton Rouge would forever remain the hub of operations for Marucci Sports. In the past five years alone, they’ve grown their workforce by 137%, never wavering in their commitment to retain great talent within the state as well as actively recruit to bring it here.

A lasting impact on Louisiana

As a homegrown success story, Marucci Sports has not only elevated Louisiana's reputation, but also contributed to its economic growth. By producing top-quality, game-changing products, Marucci has garnered a loyal following among athletes, from aspiring amateurs to professional stars. Beyond its products, the company's commitment to innovation and community has further solidified it as a force of positive change.

$12.4M in economic impact

The 2023 Marucci World Series in Baton Rouge contributed $12.4 million to the local economy.

>25% MLB players use Marucci bats

Over a quarter of the players in Major League Baseball use Marucci bats.

+137% employment growth

Marucci Sports' employment has grown over 137% in the past five years.

"It can be done in Louisiana. Businesses can be built here. You can do things that people tell you you can't do here. The people are different. The passion for all of their work is different. The people of Louisiana are really special."

Kurt Ainsworth

CEO/Co-Founder, Marucci Sports

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