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In an area known for family-centric culture with strong communities and hard workers, Acadian Companies evolved from the community’s need for emergency care and transport. Because of the remarkable dedication of their employee-owners, Acadian has become a driving force in improving healthcare for all Louisianans.

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Transforming Transport and the Lives of Louisianans

By harnessing the spirit of its people, Acadian Companies continues to improve the lives of Louisiana citizens through innovation and service diversity.


Our Impact Starts Here

Acadian Companies has continued to allow their commitment to community and love for people to serve as their driving force, improving the quality and access to critical care for citizens across Louisiana. “I think it’s the quality of people that helped get this company started, and that has made Acadian Companies the success it is today,” admits Richard.

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Changing Tomorrow by Training Today

Louisiana, like the rest of the nation, faces a severe shortage of licensed emergency practitioners. To help alleviate that strain, Acadian Companies has developed an innovative program, Hometown Heroes. Together with EMS Explorer Posts and local high schools, Acadian Companies’ Hometown Heroes Program works to train and prepare students for a career as a licensed EMT. While not every student may pursue that particular career path, the goal of the program is to provide an outlet for young people so that they have an opportunity to obtain a job that keeps them local while also making a difference in people’s lives.

Get to know

Acadian Companies

Why is Louisiana a great place to start a business?

The people of Louisiana are unlike any other! The people... the communities... they all want others to succeed and do well. With that, businesses here benefit greatly from the care, concern, and generosity of the people who live here.

In your opinion, what is Louisiana's number one challenge?

Access to medical care continues to be a major challenge for the citizens of the state. Through the many services we offer, it is our hope to overcome this issue and provide quality care to people across Louisiana.

What do you hope others say about the organization?

At the end of the day, we hope that our commitment to the communities we serve is evident. Our goal is to provide the very best care to the people we serve and we want that appreciation and concern to be seen through all we do.

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