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Agriculture is big business for Louisiana, contributing billions of dollars to the economy each year. BREADA has harnessed this rural culture by bringing people together deep in the heart of the capital city for a weekly farmers market. By merging the urban with the rural, young with old, and spanning demographics, the nonprofit is providing a place where local farmers can thrive while providing farm fresh produce to members of the community.

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Supporting and Sustaining Louisiana's Agricultural Economy

BREADA is on a mission to build a healthy and strong local food system, while increasing sustainability of independent, local, Louisiana-based farms.


Our Impact Starts Now

In addition to providing a sustainable livelihood for small family farmers, BREADA’s programs are making a positive impact on citizens across the Capital Region by making locally sourced fruits and vegetable accessible. “Healthy food and access to those foods are essential, not only for the farmers who sell the products, but for the consumer who needs and wants it,” shares Darlene.

number of acres making up the average farm in Louisiana
people benefit from BREADA's markets and programs annually
farmers, fishers, and food artisans rely on the market for their livelihood
children served through the Red Stick Sprouts Kids Club

Funding Farmers When Needed Most

Farm operators in Louisiana are some of the poorest in the nation, falling three times below the national average. Outside of the economic struggles, farmers rely on the weather to thrive, being easily impacted by natural events and disasters. Following the destruction of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, BREADA established the Louisiana Small Farm Survival Fund, the first of its kind in Louisiana, to provide assistance to small farms and seafood enterprises that had been affected by the storms. Today, those funds continue to go directly to supporting independent, local farmers and fishers when they need it most.

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How does being based in Louisiana impact your organization’s culture?

Our mission to support and sustain local Louisiana farms impacts every part of what we do. Our staff is truly passionate for the food, farms, and agriculture of our state.

Why is Louisiana a great place to start a business?

Louisiana has a rich sense of comradery, where people naturally want to help others. That innate support and encouragement from others to do well and succeed is like nowhere else.

What is BREADA’s legacy for Louisiana?

The legacy of BREADA is to have been an integral part in preserving Louisiana’s small family farms, to have generations of children growing up with fond memories of the market, and have provided a source of fresh, local foods for members of our community.

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