Food with a Sense of Place & Community


Chef Cory Bahr

Chef & Restaurateur

Cory Bahr is a Louisianan first and chef second. From winning Chopped to being named Food & Wine’s Best New Chef, his career has been marked by incredible accolades, but for Cory, the greatest rewards come from supporting his local community of Monroe, LA, mentoring young talent, and giving back through charitable efforts.

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Championing Homegrown Success

Cory Bahr, a celebrated celebrity chef and proprietor of Parish Restaurant and Standard Coffee Co., has a profound bond with his native Louisiana. Overcoming challenges and forging an unconventional culinary journey, Cory’s love for the culinary arts and his home state have led him to achieve remarkable success for himself while also elevating his local community.


Our Impact Starts Now

Food is a vital component of both Louisiana culture and its economy. Our state is known for its delicious cuisine, and we have an abundance of successful restaurants to show for it. In turn, our food not only serves to bring us together, it also represents a reliable source of income for thousands of Louisiana citizens.

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Louisiana citizens employed by the restaurant industry
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Feeding Culture Through Community

Cory is renowned for his commitment to utilizing local, fresh products, which goes beyond merely providing for his restaurants. With a passion for supporting his community, he actively seeks out partnerships with local farmers and suppliers to source the highest quality ingredients. By doing so, he not only creates exceptional dishes that tantalize the taste buds of his patrons but also plays a significant role in strengthening the local economy. Through his culinary expertise and unwavering commitment to local sourcing, he fosters a thriving relationship between his restaurants and the people he serves, creating a symbiotic bond that celebrates the bountiful offerings of his community.

Get to know

Chef Cory Bahr

Why do you think you’ve been able to find such success in Louisiana?

Food always tastes better when it’s connected to the person who’s creating it. It has a sense of place, and you’re able to tell a story about it that’s genuine. I think it not only tastes better, but it’s more meaningful.

What do you hope your legacy will be?

I would love to see this business carry on through my son or through the people who have worked here. I want to create a business that can outlive me and give back to this community.

How do we elevate Louisiana?

I’m trying to elevate Louisiana and my community by inspiring people around me to do the best they possibly can. I want people to not set limits on what’s possible for our state or community. I want us to push the boundaries as best we can and create something that people can respect and want to be part of.

Making an Impact in

Monroe, LA

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