Taking Small Steps Toward a Healthy State



FRESHJUNKIE Racing is dedicated to celebrating the rich culture of Louisiana, while sparking new traditions, driven by an active, healthier lifestyle. This group of racing enthusiasts has taken a love of running and built a business providing citizens across the state a way to get moving and stay moving.

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Running Towards a Healthier Louisiana

FRESHJUNKIE Racing is getting Louisiana active, on the move toward a healthier future for everyone.


Our Impact Starts Now

Many Louisiana traditions, passed down from generation to generation, call for celebration. The richness of these traditions is increasingly recognized as valuable to the economic and cultural future of the state. FRESHJUNKIE Racing is determined to grow and share that culture, but with a healthier spin. By hosting racing events, the team provides opportunities for citizens and visitors alike to partake in our vibrant culture while engaging in an active lifestyle. “By creating these experiences that are more than just a running event, we feel like we are breaking some of those barriers to making sure everyone feels welcomed and a part of this,” says Patrick O'Brien, Race Director.

Annual events held in Louisiana, and along the Gulf Coast
Economic impact of the Louisiana Marathon
Number of race participants in 2021
1 in 4
Louisiana adults are considered overweight or obese

Keeping It Fresh

Created for athletes by a group of athletes, FRESHJUNKIE Racing (FJR) is an endurance event production company specializing in road running races and triathlons. Producing 18 events each year, 14 in Louisiana and others across the southern United States, FJR is exhaustive in preparation and comprehensive in execution so that participants can take part in experiential events they will remember for years to come. The team prides itself on producing high-quality events for anyone looking to get active and have fun.

Get to know


What is your vision for Louisiana?

For Louisiana to be a healthier, more active state.

What is Louisiana's number one challenge?

One of the biggest challenges Louisiana faces is flipping the script on what being healthy really means. It's all about balance!

What is your advice to other organizations hoping to elevate Louisiana?

Invest in your people by implementing an active corporate wellness program where execs lead by example and encourage others to get out and be more active.

Making an Impact in

Baton Rouge

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