Cultivate the land, Support the future


Galen Iverstine

Owner, Iverstine Farms

Galen founded, owns, and operates a full-service butcher shop and smokehouse in Baton Rouge. With a background in sustainable farming, Galen identifies and supports farms that practice these methods by giving them a platform that expands their reach. Sourcing only sustainable locally raised meats, Iverstine Farms Butcher provides local, clean cuts directly to consumers.

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Cultivation of Sustainable Agriculture Shapes Vision for Louisiana's Future

As the owner of Iverstine Farms Butcher, Galen brings sustainable, locally raised meats directly to Louisiana consumers. Enabling customers to connect with local farms and expanding opportunities for farmers who cultivate and support Louisiana’s land has been a decade-long goal.


Our impact starts now

Agriculturally, Louisiana is the best-positioned state in the country with a temperate year-round climate and location as a prime transportation hub thanks to the Mississippi River, numerous rail lines, and two major interstates. Iverstine Farms Butcher's role is to increase the sustainability and profitability of Louisiana farms.

Total amount of agricultural land in Louisiana, 2016
of Louisiana's agricultural land is nationally significant
Estimated total economic impact of the poultry industry in Louisiana, 2018
of farm operators are 34 or younger

Food dollars in the state

Louisiana's food economy has the ability to become more localized, and we want to be a part of that transition.  With water access in the West and the move away from fossil fuels, Louisiana is well positioned to leverage our agricultural natural resources to become food independent.

Get to know

Galen Iverstine

What is your favorite place in Louisiana?

Breezy Hill, Louisiana just north of Pineville

What makes Louisiana unique?

The food culture in Louisiana is so deep and rich. It is the hub that everything else pivots around.

What is your vision for Louisiana?

That we can move in a more sustainably minded direction. I'd also love for Louisiana residents to become more focused on health and fitness.

Making an Impact in

Baton Rouge

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