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Marucci Sports

Born from a humble backyard woodshop in 2004, Marucci Sports has evolved into an industry trailblazer and a beacon of Louisiana's entrepreneurial spirit. With an unwavering commitment to the home team, Marucci is not only redefining Baton Rouge's landscape, but also championing economic growth, job creation, and a renaissance of Louisiana's unmistakable fervor for sports, innovation, and community.

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Home Team Advantage: Building and Retaining Louisiana's Best

While the origins may have been modest, Marucci Sports was always destined for greatness. Beyond crafting wood bats, they were fulfilling unmet needs, both within their industry and across Louisiana. The meticulously crafted bats, born under their vigilant expertise, swiftly found favor among elite players at the pinnacle of the game. Meanwhile, their rapidly growing business began generating jobs and a positive economic impact in Louisiana that has since spread outward from their Baton Rouge headquarters.


Our Impact Starts Now

As a homegrown success story, Marucci Sports has not only elevated Louisiana's reputation, but has also contributed to its economic growth. By producing top-quality, game-changing products, Marucci has garnered a loyal following among athletes, from aspiring amateurs to professional stars. Beyond its products, the company's commitment to innovation and community has further solidified it as a force of positive change - one whose presence resonates through partnerships, job creation, and an overall promotion of the Louisiana home team.

Growth in Marucci Sports employment in the past 5 years
Attendance at the Marucci World Series in Baton Rouge
Economic impact of the 2023 Marucci World Series in Baton Rouge
MLB players using Marucci bats

Putting Louisiana in the Big Leagues

Marucci Sports embodies the timeless baseball adage, "If you build it, they will come.” Their constant innovation and groundbreaking initiatives have allowed them to not only retain top-tier talent within Louisiana but to recruit from across the nation as well. As the brand continues to grow as an industry leader and cultural phenomenon, its transformative impact is redefining Baton Rouge as a hub for both commerce and baseball.

Get to know

Marucci Sports

How does your company’s work impact the future of Louisiana?

Marucci’s success has helped diversify our state’s economy, which has been heavily reliant upon the petrochemical industry. Our brand has attracted talent to Baton Rouge by providing opportunities in a variety of fields, including marketing, product development, performance training, sales, manufacturing, operations, IT, finance, and accounting.

What problem exists in Louisiana that your company is trying to solve?

Louisiana has a history of developing talent only to watch them leave to find better opportunities. We are trying to help by providing unique opportunities for our state’s top talent and keeping them here in Louisiana.

What do you hope your company’s legacy is?

We hope others will see that, in less than 20 years, Marucci has become the market leader in a mature industry by leveraging new technologies, implementing new strategies, and partnering with talented athletes.

Making an Impact in

Baton Rouge, LA

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