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Metamor Institute

Metamor is a one-of-a-kind facility marrying in-depth scientific research, world-class physicians, a multi-disciplinary team, and multiple treatment methods to address the epidemic of obesity and metabolic disease. Their critical work stands to improve health across the globe, and it’s all starting in Louisiana.

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Tackling a National Epidemic from the Heart of Louisiana

Obesity is one of the greatest health threats facing Americans today, and Louisianans are among the most severely impacted, with nearly 40 percent of adults and over 20 percent of children falling into the obese category. Simply put, we are a state in crisis, and Metamor was founded with the mission of averting the disaster that looms ahead.


Our Impact Starts Now

Obesity is a driving force behind many of our state’s most prevalent diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and even cancer. It is negatively impacting the health of our citizens, their quality of life, and their livelihoods, while also leading to a heavy economic burden for the state as a whole.

Adults in Louisiana who have obesity
Annual cost of obesity and diabetes for Louisiana
Average pounds lost one year after bariatric surgery
New patients treated by Metamor in 2021

Ending an Epidemic

Metamor Institute was founded through a collaboration of several entities to address the obesity epidemic in Louisiana and its ramifications on the health and financial wellness of our state. Led by world-renowned obesity and metabolic disease expert Dr. Philip Schauer, the institute is the first in the nation to offer an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to caring for patients who suffer from this devastating disease in a single facility.

Get to know

Metamor Institute

What do you hope will be your company's legacy?

A world-leader in addressing metabolic disease and improving lives through the treatment, prevention, and cure of obesity.

Who does your company serve?

Metamor is specially equipped to manage some of the most difficult manifestations of obesity and diabetes. Experts in many medical specialties at Our Lady of the Lake assist our team in providing state-of-the-art care for patients with even the most challenging conditions.

Why Louisiana?

Louisiana has some of the highest rates of obesity in both adults and children. In turn, we also have some of the highest diabetes rates in the country, so it makes sense for one of the nation's most important obesity research and treatment centers to be located here.

Making an Impact in

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