Handcrafted Connection: Bringing Louisiana Together With Art


MIMOSA Handcrafted

MIMOSA Handcrafted is a business built on a foundation of love for Louisiana and appreciation for the riches it has to offer. Through unique, handcrafted jewelry designs, MIMOSA seeks to connect Louisianans to the state’s landscape, history, and each other.

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Connecting Louisiana Through Design

Madeline Ellis' passion for Louisiana culture and art was the catalyst that inspired MIMOSA Handcrafted. MIMOSA utilizes their business to bring together Louisiana and its citizens through one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry designs that feature distinct and recognizable traits of the state we all know and love.


Our Impact Starts Now

Louisiana runs on the success of small businesses. Not only do they account for the majority of Louisiana-based businesses, they also are our state’s largest source of employment. Our workforce, our economy, and our communities rely on companies like MIMOSA Handcrafted for their wellbeing and to drive Louisiana forward into a more prosperous future.

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of Louisiana businesses are categorized as a “small business”
of Louisiana workers are employed by small businesses
makers associated with MIMOSA-founded Mid City Makers Market

Goods for Good

What began as a creative outlet for Madeline Ellis quickly grew into a way for others to connect with the state they loved, each other, and causes for a greater good. MIMOSA Handcrafted is so much more than jewelry. It’s a distinctly Louisiana business that thrives on the elements that make our state great – the people, the passion, and the rich landscape – and it’s using its success to help everyone else who is fortunate enough to call Louisiana home.

Get to know

MIMOSA Handcrafted

What about Louisiana inspires you?

Louisiana is in my bones. I just love it, and I feel like it’s my job to tell these stories. I don’t feel like I would have this same love affair of inspiration anywhere else.

What do you hope MIMOSA’s legacy will be?

I hope our legacy will be a culture of generosity where we deeply care about connection to each other, to the human experience, to the landscape and natural work around us and that we find ways to appreciate and protect it and each other.

How do we elevate Louisiana?

I think we can elevate Louisiana by embracing our passions. There is so much need, and whatever your passion or skillset may be, there is a way to marry those two and benefit the state.

Making an Impact in

Baton Rouge, LA

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