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Molly Kimball

Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Journalist, Founder, Ochsner Eat Fit

Molly Kimball fully understands the role food plays in the state’s culture and the pride in our unique cuisines. As a registered dietitian and nutrition journalist, Molly is on a mission to help people live their healthiest and strongest lives while setting an example herself.

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Creating a Culture of Healthy Habits

Molly Kimball aims to improve the health of Louisianans without compromising our culture.


Our Impact Starts Now

Louisiana ranks among the highest states for obesity and other health-related illnesses. Eating in Louisiana is a cultural adventure and we gather together around the food we love. The health of our citizens depends on the ability for Louisianans to have access to resources and options that empower them to lead a healthy lifestyle. “Living well doesn’t have to be painful or the result of drastic changes. You can still do the things you love while infusing wellness into your lifestyle,” encourages Molly.

number of menus featuring Eat Fit options
number of Eat Fit King Cakes sold in 2020
Louisiana's rank among most obese states
of Louisianans who are overweight and/or obese

Fueling Culture Through Nutrition & Wellness

Created as a resource for all things wellness, Eat Fit is a nonprofit initiative of Ochsner Health that works to make the healthy choice the easy choice through collaborative partnerships with restaurants, markets, and other food service establishments. With over 500 program partners across the state of Louisiana, Eat Fit is dedicated to ensuring citizens have access to healthy, nutritious food options that stay true to the traditional favorites we all love.

Get to know

Molly Kimball

What is your favorite place in Louisiana?

The French Quarter, filled with the many colorful Creole cottages.

What makes Louisiana unique?

The people! There is such a warm, friendly culture built on personal connections and traditions that is unlike anywhere else.

What is your advice for younger generations?

Take time to learn about the people who paved the way for you. Learn about how and why they impacted the world and how they opened doors for you to now pass through.

Making an Impact in


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