Making the Pitch for Long-Term Prosperity


Young Entrepreneurs Academy

Louisiana Nonprofit Organization

To support the future prosperity of Louisiana’s business community, the Young Entrepreneurs Academy of Baton Rouge is working to develop high school students in the Baton Rouge area into confident business leaders. With support from local business leaders, students spend the school year launching a business, while learning best practices and practical skills.

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Students Who Mean Business

Young Entrepreneurs Academy of Baton Rouge is on a mission to unlock the potential of young, aspiring entrepreneurs, reinvigorating the business landscape of Louisiana for generations to come.


Our Impact Starts Now

The entire state wins when businesses of all sizes choose Louisiana as their home. Small businesses are a critical part of Louisiana’s economy, accounting for the large majority of businesses across the state.  Young Entrepreneurs Academy of Baton Rouge sees an opportunity to support Louisiana’s economic growth by guiding students to launch businesses during the school year, with strong support from regional business leaders.

Number of start-ups launched from the YEA BR Program
New jobs created from start-ups within the first year
Annual investment in YEA student start-ups
Small businesses in Louisiana, accounting for 99.5% of total business in the state

From Student to CEO

The Young Entrepreneurs Academy of Baton Rouge (YEA BR) empowers students grades 8 through 12 from the Greater Baton Rouge area with the tools necessary to successfully launch and run their own business. By utilizing a proven national curriculum with the experiences of local business leaders, educators, community members, and entrepreneurs, YEA BR is on a mission to unlock the potential of young, aspiring entrepreneurs.

Get to know

Young Entrepreneurs Academy

What is your vision for Louisiana?

To be a state that is as well-known for its economic and educational opportunities as it is for its food and football.

What is your advice to others hoping to elevate Louisiana?

Together, we can do more. Let’s find a way to combine our collective strengths and missions to make Louisiana the best place to live, work, and play!

What should Louisiana’s top priority be?

Education – and the task falls to more than just schools. Organizations like YEA BR and similar mission-driven nonprofits can continue to be leveraged to help all students grow and develop for the purpose of setting them up for success as productive, engaged citizens in the future.

Making an Impact in

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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